Monday, September 15, 2008

Next Big Nashville

After Friday's disappointing turn out for Egon Alapatt's (Stones Throw Records / former WRVU boss / General Purveyor of Things Good) world-class Turk-Hop DJ set at City Hall, Next Big Nashville righted itself with the help of the young, go-getters from Lake Fever Productions.

I have no idea what the fellows in How I Became the Bomb were wearing, but nevertheless they played a great set mostly of new material from their new record which I think is finally finished-- Nashville's very own Chinese Democracy. Black and metallic purple WTF suits notwithstanding, How I Became the Bomb remain the band I'd have open for the Super Furry Animals at my "Wow, I am rich and this is the kind of Birthday Party I throw myself" Brithday party.

Big Shout outs to Jeff the Brotherhood and Skyblazer for what might be some of the most interesting anything, going on anywhere. I even threw a bottle (a plastic one, tossed gently) on the stage. I wish I had pictures but i was too busy dancing.

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